Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much do you charge?

It depends, but for up to Dec 2019, the overall charges as below:

  • Personal Makeup RM400;
  • Personal Hair + Makeup RM650;
  • Personalize Service that required stay-back / outstation, will quoted accordingly (please email or text me);
  • Bridal Service RM2000 per session, eg: typical Chinese Wedding in Malaysia will involve TWO session – Morning Ceremony and Dinner / Luncheon Reception;
  • Commercial / Campaign or Special Project, please email or text me for detail quotation.

How many years of makeup experience you have?

Since 2013 up till now.

Are you a Korean?

No, I’m not. I’m Malaysian, Chinese.

Is Seok your surname? Seok stand for?

Yes, Seok is my surname. It stands for 石 shi2 in Mandarin, sek6 in Cantonese.

Where do you base?

I base in Malaysia.

What language do you speak?

I speak mostly in Cantonese. However, English, Malay and Mandarin are well verse too.

Do you sponsor?

Usually I don’t, however I’ll consider sponsoring for CSR purpose, please drop me a detail email.

Do you conduct course / training?

Yes, I do. Please email / text me to further discuss about your learning requirement and expectation.

Do you accept credit card?

Yes, or you may make payment using E-wallet system such as Touch N’ Go / Maybank QRpay too.